Misfit Haven Animal Rescue Inc.



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                                                             Misfit Haven Animal Rescue is now conducting adoptions at Petco.  Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 3pm

Location of store: 1100 Johnson Ferry Rd.

Marietta, Ga. 30068

Store Number: 770-321-3449

Misfit Haven has placed over 1750 fur-babies since 7-4-2010! Thanks to all our Supporters!!


             Total Adoptions as of 1/10/15: 1750

          (Misfit Haven only rescue's dogs) 

Misfit Haven wants to thank Purina ProPlan/Rally to Rescue for all the support in the last 5 Years.  Misfit Haven only supports Purina dog food.  Thank you for everything you do for our organization!

(Please check them out at www.facebook.com/rally to rescue.com)


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For  questions, comments, or concerns please contact:

Dr. Nick Adams Ph.D  Founder/President


Adoption Center located at: 718 Kingston Ave. Rome, Ga. 30161